Which pot is best for you?

When we get dressed every morning we usually reach for something that is going to make us comfortable for the conditions around us. It’s the same for plants. What they ‘wear’ can influence how happy they are.

Did you know that terracotta is porous so is great if you know you are bit heavy handed with the watering? Water will evaporate through the pot walls. However, if your home is particularly hot it might be best to give terracotta a miss because the soil will dry out quickly. If you’re more forgetful when it comes to watering, fibreglass or glazed ceramic both retain water for longer and lose less to evaporation.

Alternatively it is also worth thinking about what you want to do with the plant? If it’s one you’d like to move frequently a Teketeke plant bag might be the perfect fit for you as it adds almost no weight to the plant. If you’re worried about kids or pets knocking something over a cement pot should hold its own! Precious floors or table surface? Fibreglass is non marking and glazed ceramic would be the top choices here!

At Kuzi we try and provide as many options as possible so that both you and your plant are happy!

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