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What plant? Where? A beginners guide to placement…

It’s one of the most common questions we get asked. Unfortunately we don’t do home visits but we do have some tips to help you decide on plants for almost any room in your house.

1) Living rooms are usually the biggest room in your home. This means it’s a great space to add some drama with a larger plant than you might put elsewhere. Fiddle leaf figs are popular but a little tricksy for beginners, a Monstera is a great choice for those just starting out and Dieffenbachia or Fern could work well if you have enough light. Generally all of these plants should be placed as near to a window as possible. Add a sheer curtain if they show signs of burning. If you don’t want to go big consider a Moon Stand with a hanging plant to create instant drama.

2) Kitchens are one of the focal points of the home and, as somewhere you spend much of your time, a great space to put plants in. If, like most of us, workspace is at a premium, hanging plants can be a good choice to add greenery without compromising on added clutter. Epipremnum or Ivy placed on top of a cupboard or fridge can look funky and fun, or try a macrame or leather hanger near the window.

3) Bedrooms – set the tone for a good night’s sleep with a Sansevieria. They emit oxygen 24 hours a day, making them a great choice to keep air fresh. An elegant Aspidistra or Spathiphyllum in a basket will add some softness and tolerate slightly darker areas much better than most plants, perfect if you’ve got the curtains drawn for privacy more often than not.

4) Bathrooms can be tricky if there’s not much light, but if you’re lucky to have some big windows you can have some fun! Calatheas love humidity so could thrive here, we’re also big fans of hanging Epipremnums in the shower or above the bath where they thrive in the steamy atmosphere. If you’re got the space a fern could have the time of it’s life here and make getting ready every day feel like you’re living in a jungle. Avoid any succulent plants in this room as the extra humidity can cause them to rot.

5) Patios and balconies are where you can go to town with sun loving plants. Here is the space to add colour (and those succulents you love). Add some rosemary for cooking, bamboo for privacy or bougainvillea for stunning colour. This is also a good place to put those cool hanging plants like String of Pearls, String of Hearts and String of Dolphins. Why? Because trust us, they are highly unlikely to be happy inside!

Of course, it goes without saying that all of these are suggestions only. Everyone’s house, skill level and tastes are different. Ultimately, put what you love where you want, just don’t get too upset if it doesn’t like being there. A plant lover has to be flexible with where their beloved plants must go…

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