Aloe vera in terracotta pots

The 7 Things We Wish We’d Been Told As New Plant Parents.

Every one of us at Kuzi was a new plant parent at one point in our lives.

Some of us started early and studied horticulture at college, others only got their first plant a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, we all started somewhere. So, we went around the office and asked the things we wished we’d been told when we first got into plants…we hope it helps!


Plants WILL die in your care. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it’s just what happens. 


Can’t remember if you last watered a plant two days ago or two weeks ago? It’s best to wait another two days first. Most plants need water much less frequently than we realise. 


Just because the light levels are good for you as you a human it doesn’t meant they’re suitable for your plant…especially if it’s a succulent! 


Pots almost always cost more than the plant. Painful, but true. 


Don’t waste time stressing about perfection, if there’s new growth you’re doing just fine. 


Propagation and repotting aren’t scary. There’s no wrong or right way, so experiment and find the best way for you. 


Be careful, plants can be highly addictive…oops sorry, too late! 

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