Chlorophytum in Kuzi Fibreglass Pots and Stands

The 10 best houseplants you need now!

We get asked which plants are best for beginners every day.

Whilst we all have different lifestyles and light levels in our home there are some indoor plants that are the real heroes. We tend to suggest them time and time again because they really are that good! Do you have any of them already?

1) Sansevieria
This plant is the perfect starting point for new plant parents. Water it once every couple of weeks and it should be fine. Water it less, it won’t care. In fact, the best, tallest growing snake plants are often half forgotten about. That’s how tough they are. Just place it somewhere with some bright indirect light and there you go! You’re a plant owner.

2) Chlorophytum comosum
The spider plant is perhaps the best known, most common house plant of all time. It’s like the denim jeans of the plant world – everyone has them. And that’s why you need one too. Like jeans, they are super practical, always look great and are easy to care for. Pop one in a hanger, on a shelf or cascading from a stand.

3) Epipremnum aurem
Fact – anyone can kill a plant. Also a fact – you’ve got to try quite hard to kill this one! Money plants (or Pothos) are easy hanging or creeper plants. They will cascade or climb up a pole…your choice…and look fantastic while doing so. Just keep out of direct sunlight and water when the top of the soil feels dry.

4) Dieffenbachia
There are few plants as satisfying as the Dumb Cane plant. They pop out big decorative leaves on the regular and just need watering once in a while and some bright indirect light. Smaller varieties are great for table tops and larger ones will give you height and impact without all the stress of a Ficus lyrata (which are lovely but, er, not as easy).

5) Crassula ovata
This cute plant looks like a bonsai but with a much smaller price tag. Water it infrequently (these succulents HATE root rot) and place in bright light. That’s pretty much it. If leaves get mushy you’re probably watering too much. We told you infrequently…!

6) Aspidistra eliator
All you really need to know is that in Victorian England, the time of dark homes if ever there was one, these were called ‘Cast Iron Plants’ because they did. not. die. A fantastic low light choice and one of our favourites for the dark green strap like leaves. We love them and hope you do too!

7) Monstera adansonii
This hanging or creeping plant looks and acts like #3 but is EVEN cooler. Yup, this is one trendy plant. With funky holes in the leaves and an easy going nature this plant will thrive in most spots in your home.

8) Schefflera
The Dwarf Umbrella Tree makes a superb houseplant and will thrive with some bright indirect light and watering when the top of the soil is dry. For those of you that find the reputation of some of the finickity figs daunting the Schefflera is the tree for you!

9) Tradescantia spathacea
Want some colour in your house? The Oyster plant delivers with green and purple leaves. It’s an easy indoor plant that will let you know if it needs more light by stretching. Just place in more light and new growth will be more compact.

10) Monstera deliciosa
They’re big and they’re easy to grow. And grow they do! The Monstera is the perfect plant for a more spacious home as they do take up space. As they grow they’ll need a support but once they’re happy they’ll reward you with glorious unfurling leaves of pure plant perfection.

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