All our packaging, as well as our Maji paper vases, are made from water hyacinth taken from the lakes of Western Kenya. This invasive species clogs the lakes, harming biodiversity, negatively impacting the opportunities for local communities to make their living from fishing. By removing the hyacinth the lakes are restored, allowing wildlife and communities to thrive, and vital employment is generated for the artisans who make the paper.

Giving Back

A portion of our sales from our Sayari, Soko and Teketeke collections goes towards the purchase of seedballs to reforest Kenya. This local initiative run by Seedballs Kenya covers indigenous tree seeds in a charcoal ball that can then be thrown into the bush whilst on foot, in a car, even by plane or helicopter. These seed balls then self seed in the rains, to help combat the devastating deforestation that Kenya has experienced. Our seedballs are donated to community or school groups to distribute in areas that need reforesting and provide vital educational outreach about the importance of maintaining the biodiversity of the land in Kenya. For more information visit

Materials & Waste

Wherever possible Kuzi endeavours to use sustainable materials to make our products. We are actively working to find ways to repurpose old and broken melamine to give this most hardwearing of plastic a new lease of life. We are currently looking for Kenya factories to begin producing our plastic lining for our Teketeke collection out of recycled plastic.

At Kuzi, we recognise that when making any product we impact the planet. Unrecyclable by-products are currently collected and made into eco bricks.

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