A sure customer favourite is this fabulous all natural Vermiliquid (that’s worm pee by a fancier name!). With plenty of micro and macro nutrients it’s a great product for holistic plant growth. Just mix 10ml per litre of water and, unlike most foliar fertilisers excess application causes no scorching – win / win!

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Vermiliquid is referred to as ‘black gold’ by gardeners. It’s a multipurpose, organic liquid for fertilizing, eliminating pests and promoting healthy plant growth.

Dilute the vermiliquid in water (1 part vermiliquid to 8 parts water is standard) and water your house plants,  spray the leaves or simply add in place of your usual fertilizer.

Some people prefer to mist leaves liberally and let excess solution drain into the soil (it simulates the growth of a waxy layer on the leaf which protects plants against pests), giving you a simple, all round way to boost plant health and fight nasties.

Store in a dark place, best used within 3 months.


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