Ultimate XS & S Ceramic pot by Bakuli Blu for Kuzi


Did you know Bakuli Blu is back? When we heard they’d fired up their kiln again we knew we needed to collaborate with them!

The ‘Ultimate’ pot is a celebration of what Bakuli Blu is best known for – classic shapes and shabby chic finishes.

The XS is 11cm high and 14cm interior diameter at it’s widest point, 16cm diameter including the lip and fits all of our XS plants in grow pots

The S is 16cm high, 17cm interior diameter at the widest point, 18.5cm with the lip and fits all our size S grow pots.

Due to the hand made nature of this product slight variation in colour and size may occur.

Plants for your pot...

Begonia XS KShs500
Crown of thorns as an outdoor and small plant
Crown of Thorns XS KShs500
Callisia Spp as a beginner plant and small plant
Callisia Spp - xs-9cm-h-x-12cm-d KShs350
Solierolia soleirolii as a kitchen plant and bathroom plant
Solierolia soleirolii - xs-9cm-h-x-12cm-d KShs350
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