Terracotta pot


Our terracotta pots are the perfect size for most herbs, succulents and small blooms. Lovingly painted and distressed at our workshop here in Nairobi. Each pot has a small drainage hole but if using indoors, small plastic tray can be popped inside to save your surfaces! This pot fits our Orion planter or can be purchased as replacements for Vela, Fornax or of course used alone!

Please note that all pots are pressed locally. The manufacturing process means that minimal rough edges and slight imperfections become part of the charm of these items.

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Pros: budget friendly, terracotta is porous so great if you tend to overwater, great as a decorative pot or for potting direct, can be used inside or outside.


Cons: will break if knocked over / dropped, the porous nature means it can stain floors if water is left in the pot or tray, direct potting will see the pot leach salts and grow green over time.

Dimensions 20 × 17 cm

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