Organic Starter Kits


This Ogranix starter kit allows you to play around with some top quality soil inputs and find which ones work for you! If you’re a confident plant parent or your plants need some extra oomph look no further!

The kit contains:

Achook- a neem based insecticide certified for organic farming. Perfect for preventing or treating mealy bugs, white flies etc.

Asilee – an organic soil conditioner (apply 20g to each plant every 3 months to build soil structure and increase nutrient retention)

Earthlee – organic humate power. Top dress your plant with 10g every month to supply your plants with pure, ultra concentrated organic matter. Over time your plants will improve in quality and growth rates.

nhance – an organic seaweed extract, this foliar feed will boost plant growth, enhance root development and can help prevent shock when repotting. Add 5ml to 1 litre of water and drench when repotting, then reduce to 3ml to 1 litre every 3 weeks. On an established plant spray liberally 4-6 times a year at 2ml per 1 litre.

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