Epipremnum aureum


  • Good light but avoid direct sun, does well in poorer light conditions, variegation is improved with better light.
  • Occasionally mist, keep soil moist but not wet, making sure water is draining properly.  
  • Long shoots can be cut off to keep plant more compact.


     Water & Humidity: Let top of potting mix dry out between watering. Will thrive in normal home environment, mist once a week if you have air conditioning or a home that heats up in the sun.

     Light: Filtered sun / light shade / shade.

      Tip: Prune long vines to encourage bushier growth. Repot roughly every two years.

     Recommended Placement: The Pothos or Money Plant works well in living rooms as creeper or hanging plant and adds interest to a brighter bathroom where it will love the steamy conditions. Hang away from direct sunlight.

Pothos, or Devil’s Ivy is a longstanding favourite for good reason. It is a fast growing creeper that will hang attractively in a basket or climb when older – perhaps up an indoor trellis, bookcase or staircase railing.  Flashes of yellow often pattern leaves in good light, in darker areas the leaves will stay all green in colour.


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