Crassula ovata


  • Good light to full sun. 
  • Water sparingly at all times – check surface soil has dried out before watering. 
  • Repot annually when young. After repotting restrict watering to avoid root rot. 

     Water & Humidity: With thick padded leaves the Jade can easily rot if overwatered. Let the top couple of centimeters dry out between watering. If unsure of the last watering leave it for another week – it can tolerate drought well. Prefers a dry environment to prevent rot or pests.

     Light: Bright light / filtered sun / light shade

      Tip: The Jade is prone to becoming top heavy, you can easily prune for a more bonsai like effect and cut branches are easy to replant or water propagate. If you have forgotten to water and the leaves have shriveled water little and often to return to health rather than saturate the soil.

     Recommended Placement: Great on a bright windowsill but will also tolerate lower light levels for some time. Best in drier rooms such a living rooms and bedrooms.

One the easiest houseplants to look after, the Jade plant will (probably) totally forgive you if you forget to water it for a while! Just remember that is needs a good sunny spot. As a succulent this fun bushy tree like plant will tolerate dry air and hot rooms.

Comes ready potted in a plastic grow pot.

Please note that as with any living thing differences will ocour between individual plants. We strive to supply plants that look as similar as possible. Slight imperfections on leaves will happen as we cannot grow in a commercial greenhouse nor do we use pesticides and insecticides unless they are organic . This makes our plants safer for you, your children and pets and is better for the environment and ecosystem of Kenya.


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