Chlorophytum comosum ‘Vittatum’


If you are worried about killing plants, one of the best-known houseplants and great option for new plant parents is Chlorophytum. It’s resilient and incredibly versatile. Often called the ‘spider plant’ due to the leaves that spread down and form plantlets, Chlorophytum will cascade down so is good on a plant stand, hanging or placed on shelves for some instant green. Chlorophytum filters nasties from the air, so it’s also a perfect choice for high traffic areas like living rooms. Repot younger plants annually, older plants when roots push through bottom of container. 

Pet safe.

     Water & Humidity: Keep soil moist but not soggy. Brown tips can be the result of dry air, mist to prevent (brown tips can also be a result of mineral build up in the soil and is perfectly normal).

     Light: Filtered sun / light shade.

      Tip: Repot approximately every year or when the plant is root bound. If you don’t want to transfer to a bigger pot you can split it easily.

     Recommended Placement: The Spider plant works almost any room but will only grow plantlets in good light. Looks particularly good in hanging situations, stands or on shelves etc.


Fits perfectly in...

Hessian bag Small KShs1,200
Upole fibreglass pot
Upole Small KShs2,000
Terracotta Smooth S (H14.5cm X W 15.5cm) KShs600

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