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Our beginners packs have been hand picked to allow you to try plant ownership for the first time – and hopefully start you on a life long journey!

The three plants in this selection are tolerant of neglect and have no special needs, making them easy going green pals.

These plants should be happy anywhere in your house with bright indirect to lower light levels.

In Beginners pack one you will receive:

1 x Epipremnum aureum (size S)

1 x Chlorophytum comosum (size S)

1 x Spathiphyllum (size XS)

Select the right pots for you from our drop down menu. We have options for the corresponding size fibreglass pots (available in Stone or Granite) or Terracotta pots with trays.

Please note that all pots here are suitable for indoors and outside. Terracotta is porous and as such if a plant is watered heavily it can leech through the pot and potential stain fragile surfaces.

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