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Our Bedroom Set bundle features our hand picked selection of plants that are known to be beneficial for catching those zzzz’s or help keep you in tip top condition (just snap off an Aloe vera leaf and smooth the gel on your skin for healing benefits).

This selection is perfect for bedrooms. Place the Aloe vera by a window for maximum light, the Dieffenbachia in bright indirect and the Sansevieria pretty much anywhere!

The Bedroom Set Bundle contains:

1 x Dieffenbachia (size M)

1 x Sansevieria trifasciata (size S)

1 x Aloe vera (size XS)

Choose your favourite pots from our drop down menu. We offer a choice of fibreglass in Stone and Granite and Terracotta pots with trays.

Please note that terracotta is porous and can mark fragile surfaces. Our fibreglass pots have no drainage. Simply water you plant in them and pour away the excess or take them out, water them over a sink or bucket in their grow pot and pop back in their fibreglass home. Simple!

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