Beaucarnea recurvata


The Ponytail palm is actually more closely related to the Yucca and is a great choice for bright homes – this plant likes some sun. If you are the kind of plant parent likely to forget to water now and then then the Ponytail palm could be your ideal offspring! The large bulbous base stores water so it’s best to keep the soil in the dry side, in fact overwatering of this plant is the most common mistake. Clean leaves by misting and wiping gently. The slow growing nature of this plant also means that repotting is rarely needed, so it’s a great low maintenance choice.

M – 50cm tall (inclusive of pot), 60cm diameter at widest point

L – 60cm tall, 70cm diameter at widest point

(Pleas note – all measurements are indicative)

Non toxic to pets

     Water & Humidity: Let the potting mix dry out between watering. The bulbous base of this plant stores water so if you are the forgetful type it’s a great plant that will survive the odd missed month. If outside in full sun water more frequently. Happy in a normal home environment.

     Light: Bright light / Filtered light. If placing outside in full sun introduce it to it’s new environment gradually to prevent burning.

      Tip: Ponytail Palms are a slow growing plant so make sure light levels are good otherwise you’ll barely see any growth at all!

     Recommended Placement: A spot near a window in a living room or even outdoors on your balcony or patio would be ideal for this light loving plant. As they grow slowly you won’t have to worry about it overtaking an area for many years to come.

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