Avocado Vase


This handmade avocado vase is created to our own design from recycled glass.

Simply eat an avocado, save the stone and experiment with growing your own avocado tree from scratch!

To grow, wash and dry your avocado stone. Leave for a week to dry then peel the outer layer of thin brown skin off. Fill the vase with water and place the stone in bottom down so the lower 1/4 to 1/3 sits in water.

In 2-4 weeks the stone should begin to crack and a root start to grow. Leaves will begin to show after 4-8 weeks.

Once the plant is 40-50cm tall and has multiple leaves cut below the leaf line top encourage branching (thisĀ  part is hard to do and very sad, but worth it!).

Wait until new leaves and branching occurs then plant in a pot with our potting mix or vermicompost.

Due to the handmade nature slight variations in measurement and design may ocour.

23cm H X 14cm D

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