Aspidistra elatior


The Victorians called this the Cast Iron Plant because it could withstand almost anything. A great low light plant that grows slowly, a real plus if you don’t want to deal with it outgrowing your space, or too much repotting. In fact the only things Aspidistra really hate is full sun, leaves will bleach out. Water well when growing new leaves, but never leave the soil completely soaked, the Aspidistra will generally tolerate a forgotten watering or two – in fact the lower the light levels the less water it will need. Wipe leaves every few months to remove dust and keep the looking a deep, beautiful green.

This plant will fit in any of our pots or teketeke collection bags labelled with an M.

     Water & Humidity: Let the very top of potting mix dry out slightly between watering. The Aspidistra can withstand a bit of neglect so it’s great for forgetful plant parents. Happy in a normal home environment. Wipe dusty leaves every month or so.

     Light: Filtered sun / light shade. Leaves will burn in direct sun. Will tolerate lower light conditions but will grow even more slowly as a result.

      Tip: The Cast Iron plant is slow growing, producing only a handful of leaves a year, so it won’t outgrow a location for a long time, it also hates being disturbed at the roots, so repot infrequently (every 3-4 years).

     Recommended Placement: Because the Aspidistra can tolerate lower light conditions it’s great in hallways and other shadier corners of your home. Don’t forget, low light doesn’t mean no light! And lower light means soil takes longer to dry out so reduce water accordingly.

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Comes ready potted in a plastic grow pot.

Please note that as with any living thing differences will ocour between individual plants. We strive to supply plants that look as similar as possible. Slight imperfections on leaves will happen as we cannot grow in a commercial greenhouse nor do we use pesticides and insecticides unless they are organic . This makes our plants safer for you, your children and pets and is better for the environment and ecosystem of Kenya.

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