CJ the rescue dog stands in front of some plants in the Kuzi nursery

Pets and plants…

CJ is one of the famous Kuzi KSPCA rescue dogs and she’s here to remind you about pet safe plants.

Not all plants are toxic to pets, but quite a few of the most popular ones are when ingested and some plants that are non toxic to humans like Aloe vera can be harmful to your furry friends. If you have pets (rescue or otherwise), we advise you to visit our website before you purchase a plant so you know if they may be dangerous for your dog or cat.

Not all pets like to nibble on houseplants so you may not have to worry too much and can choose plants on their aesthetics alone. However,  if your pet is a plant eater, which can happen especially if they are young, we have a whole section of plants that should be fine for your pets to live with.

If you are worried about your pets ingesting anything (or just whacking plants with their tails and ruining them) we would suggest plant stands and hangers become your go-to products to keep everyone safe and sound. 


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