Melamine collections

All our melamine ware is made in Nairobi. The factory is family owned and one of the main suppliers of melamine to the whole of Kenya. Melamine is a staple in Kenya and KIP supplies a range of schools, shops and restaurants. All of Kuzi’s melamine collections are produced and finished by hand at KIP, helping to create employment for over 70 people.

Sewn collections

The man behind our Teketeke and Maji collections, Anthony works from his own workshop in Ngong, sourcing materials locally and employing a range of skilled artisans. He specialises in canvas and leather but his workshop also outsources beadwork, sisal weaving and more.

Packaging & Labelling

Provisions Kenya produces our hyacinth paper in conjunction with local artisans. Made from the invasive water hyacinth that clogs the lakes of Western Kenya, this beautiful product provides employment for the artisans that make it and helps regenerate the lakes, allowing wildlife and communities who use the lakes for the source of their livelihood, to thrive.

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