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Going away? Here are some tips.

Are you going away and worried about your plants and how they’ll survive? Here are some quick tips to keep your plants in good health as you recharge your own batteries!

1) Have an update. Trim off any dead or dying leaves and pinch off buds or flowers as they are hungry for energy. This will make your plants a lot less thirsty and simpler to care for. 

2) Huddle. Move similar plants together to create a little microclimate while you are gone. Even the shower or bath works for humidity loving plants, but remove from decorative pots so water can drain before you leave. Bonus –  it also makes it easier for someone to water if you’ve left them in charge. 

3) Hibernate. Plants aren’t bears (duh!), but by moving them away from window they won’t photosynthesise as efficiently and thus need less water. We’re not suggesting locking them in a dark room btw (in which case, dead plant city awaits). Move them back to their normal spot when you return.  

And if you get home to a couple of dead plants don’t panic! It does happen from time to time. Luckily we have lots of plants starting from 350/- for our XS sizes so you don’t have to break the bank to replace the ones you’ve lost. 

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