Forever collecting plants

I am a total plant addict. If I go out plant shopping I always know I’ll come back with something. My house is filled with cuttings and seeds picked up on my walks.

Even when I go on holiday I spend half my time in supermarkets, nurseries or small boutiques checking out the plants. I may not be able to bring the plants home but pots, stands and hanging planters have all made it back in my suitcase!

I often marvel at how inexpensive most plants are here in Kenya. The side of the road can offer up gems if you know what you want and are willing to haggle. Coming from the UK, I also appreciate the species that grow with ease here! Some of the most sought after plants in other parts of the world are considered unremarkable on the streets of Nairobi.

Despite all my shopping, there are lots of plants I still have on my wish list to own one day. Top of my list right now is a Dioscorea elephantipes. I’ve not seen one here so I’ll have to get creative! And hopefully soon I’ll get my hands on a stag horn fern to grace my verandah!

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