Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Dream destinations: Singapore

When I visited my family in Australia earlier this year it was all the opportunity I needed to book a stopover in Singapore to break up the journey!

Seeing Gardens by the Bay and the famous Singapore Botanic Gardens were top of my list. If you have any interest in plants whatsoever you will not be disappointed.

I soon realised that Singapore is a plant lovers paradise from the moment you step of the plane! The airport is filled with the most stunning arrangements. From the baggage hall to the gates bromeliads abound. Travel the road into the city and it is lined with majestic palms and hedges of Raphis (my favourite palm ever). Then, almost every hotel lobby and shopping centre has planting worthy of a horticultural show.

Three days was not enough to take it all in. I spent one afternoon at Gardens by the Bay but it is so vast you need a couple of days to truly do it justice. One thing I was struck by is just how much of the planting in these ‘tropical biodomes’ is possible here in Nairobi (budget permitting). I can’t even begin to imagine how much Gardens by the Bay spent on plants, everything is so lush! 

I was so distracted by all the plants I didn’t really get to experience Singapore as a gastronomic paradise. I guess I’ll have to book a return journey soon!


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