Buying plants in Kenya

I love buying plants from roadside sellers. There’s some great stuff out there if you know what to look for! But it can also be super stressful – where to park, haggling prices, selecting the best plant…ugh! And that’s not even taking into account getting a new plant home and having to pot it up. Buying soil, pumice (not to mention specialist compost mixes), is really hard here in Kenya. I don’t always want to buy a pick up of compost!

In my experience it’s always good to know some of the local garden centres and nurseries. Plants Galore in Runda is fab for picking up small bags of potting mixes and imported (as well as local) plants. Another place I love visiting is Greenit Decors at Peter Greensmith IUCN in Karen, Hardy. Their nursery is brilliantly set out. They also sell pots, so getting them potted up (or bringing one your own) always saves me some hassle!

Where are your favourite garden shops in Kenya? Let us know in the comments! 

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