How Not To Kill Your Plants


If you kill plants on the regular, let me ask you this…How often do you talk to your plants? Because the more time you spend around your plants – and lets be honest, that’s a whole lot more than usual this year, the better you will be at looking after them.

Learn to visually check them daily – it only takes a couple of minutes to inspect the leaves for any issues, a quick feel of the potting mix. Act quickly when you see something wrong. Don’t be too scared about moving them…if leaves are turning yellow they might not be getting enough light. Place them nearer a window or for plants that are tolerant to direct light a couple of days on the patio or balcony might fix the issue. Most plants don’t like to sit in water so check that the tray or pot doesn’t have water just sitting it.

Over time you will learn how to keep plants alive, it’s a skill just like learning to swim or riding a bike. You wouldn’t expect to enter the Olympics after one day in the saddle, in just the same way you can’t expect to be a master gardener with one Sansevieria. So, flex those plant parent muscles, practice plant care and you may just grow into a stronger gardener as a result.

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